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All about NOMAD VISA

Visa for Digital Nomads in Spain

Finally, the new visa for digital nomads has been published in the BOE and has entered into force, and foreigners who wish to work remotely from Spain can now start their application for this new residence permit. So, if you want to start working remotely in a country that offers the perfect living conditions without the limitation of a 3-month tourist visa, keep reading!

A law much more adapted to the current needs of the market, called the Startup Law.

What is the visa for digital nomads in Spain?

The visa for digital nomads is a residence permit that can be extended for a total of 5 years and that will allow non-EU citizens (from outside the European Union) to live and work remotely from Spain (exercising activities as a digital nomad). .

Finally, foreigners who want to move to Spain and continue working for a company abroad, or who have clients all over the world, will find a residence permit that perfectly suits their needs (instead of having to end up applying for a non-profit visa that does not, in fact, allow them to work).

One of the great advantages of this residence is the double application option:

  • On the one hand, you can apply directly from Spain with a tourist visa, directly obtaining the 3-year card
  • But, on the other hand, it also allows you to obtain a 1-year visa from the country of origin (at the consulate) to be able to enter Spain and subsequently modify this 3-year card.

Do these years count for nationality?

The answer is yes. The years with this 3-year card (and its subsequent renewals) count both for Spanish nationality and for permanent residence (which you can get for 5 years as a remote teleworker in Spain).

Apart from the tax advantages that we will explore later in this post, this permit will also allow you to include your spouse and children in the same application; thus being able to move with your family to Spain.

But that's not all, because being framed within the Entrepreneurs Law, you will also benefit from an express resolution in just 20 days, and the applicable administrative silence is positive (so if you do not have a response within this period, the resolution is considered approved).

In addition, you will be able to move freely throughout the EU with this residence card.

As we have mentioned, this visa is aimed at non-EU citizens, since Europeans can work remotely for up to 6 months in the country (and if they wish to extend their stay, they only have to obtain their NIE as a resident).

Residency requirements for digital nomads

  • Income received in Spain or by Spanish companies cannot represent more than 20% of the total
  • You must prove that you have been working for your company or have had a relationship as a freelancer for your clients for at least 3 months prior to applying
  • Contract with this same company for at least 1 year

Here you will find the complete list of definitive requirements.

But before going into detail with each requirement, you must bear in mind that there are two different profiles of foreigners who can obtain this permit (with slightly different requirements):

  • Employees whose company allows them to travel and work remotely from another country (in this case Spain)
  • Self-employed workers with several clients throughout the world or sources of income derived from online activities but distributed but outside of Spain

Finally, we found a difference depending on whether you work for a company for someone else or are self-employed:

  • If you have a contract with a foreign company (employee), it is essential that the company has been operating for at least 1 year prior to your application. In addition, this company must record that teleworking for your position is allowed, and that it authorizes you to do so.
  • If you are self-employed, you must be working for at least one company (which must be outside of Spain), and it will be through the conditions of your contract where the possibility of working remotely is specified

Tax advantages of the visa for digital nomads

Apart from all the advantages that this residence has seen up to now, one of the main attractions of this new permit comes from the tax side. The additional argument created for this permit to be an even better option is the special tax regime that will allow digital nomad visa holders to save taxes. Basically, you will be taxed through an optimized non-resident income tax regime. After understanding how taxes really work in Spain for foreigners, we can easily understand that paying non-resident income tax instead of tax on the general rent that residents must pay allows you to pay much LESS on top of the income you generate.

In the event that you have not been in Spain during the last 5 years (instead of 10, as established by the general rule); you will be allowed to pay a flat tax rate of just 24% on your income, instead of a progressive rate that can go as high as 48%. In order to be considered as a non-resident for tax purposes, you must initiate an application process other than that of residence, and you will do so with the Spanish Tax Agency during the 6 months after obtaining your residence permit.

It is a process comparable to Beckham's Law

This, in addition to allowing you to pay only 24% on income derived from work up to €600,000; it will also save you the need to pay wealth tax or have to make the informative declaration known as model 720. Finally, holders of the visa as digital nomads will be able to request the deferral of the IRNR in the first and second year with a tax base positive (without interest).

This very advantageous tax regime will be extended for 5 years as long as you maintain your residence as a digital nomad, later moving to the general regime.

Can I work IN Spain with the digital nomad visa?

So far we have mentioned how the residency for digital nomads allows non-EU citizens to work remotely from Spain. Although this means working in Spain for a foreign company, can you work in Spain for a Spanish company or client with this permit?

The answer is yes, but with an important limit.

You can also work for a Spanish company provided that a) you maintain the commercial/contractual relationship with the foreign company that allowed you to obtain this visa; and b) the income you generate from the Spanish company or client does not account for more than 20% of your total income.

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